Meet the team

Woodrow Wilson

CEO and Founder of Clinical Imaging Australia

Woodrow Wilson is a Melbourne based photographer, born in Cape Town, South Africa. As a self taught commercial photographer for the last 10 years, his work merged into the medical industry which combined his photography skills with his interests in science and technology. 

Photography is a fundamental component of any modern medical practice, and in 2013 Woodrow began a journey to revolutionise the way imagery is used in aesthetic medicine. Upending the existing inefficient and inaccurate systems, Woodrow introduced a new methodology for clinical photography which has seen critical success across Australia and New Zealand.  

Woodrow has been commissioned by leading brands such as Disney, Boeing Aerospace, Vogue , Allergan and Condé Nast Traveller and is an ambassador for Leica Camera.  

He is also a strong believer in social justice and routinely collaborates with several non-governmental organisations such as Interplast, Oaktree and Rotary. His documentary work has taken him across Asia-Pacific to highlight programs in Papua New Guinea, remote education facilities in Timor and reconstructive surgical missions in India and Pacific islands. 

Leica Camera Ambassador 2013-2016, Nikon School Specialist Lecturer 2010-2015.

daniel Kennedy

Business Development Manager

Daniel Kennedy is a professional photographer based in Melbourne. He was born in Cape Town and has lived equal shares of life in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Having graduated from the New York Institute of Photography in 2012, Daniel has a wealth of knowledge on photographic theory. 

With a degree in Computer Science and extensive experience in IT support and account management, Daniel offers a wide range of services to Clinical Imaging clients. 

Daniel has worked with Sony Australia and Leica Australia as a product specialist and brings a broad spectrum of experience to help tailor and support the photographic packages we offer. It was through Leica that Daniel met Woodrow and the two have been good friends since. In 2016 Clinical Imaging had need of 'another Woodrow' and Daniel was the ideal candidate.

When he's not working Daniel explores his passion for nature and conservation. Hiking through unforgiving wildernesses both in Australia and in some of the most remote areas of the world.