Support partnership with Clinitech

As we head into our 5 years of Clinical Imaging, we’ve noticed the need for better real time support across our installations.

A common theme in most modern medical practises is poor IT infrastructure, sub-standard computers and networking as well as poor support. We’ve seen this hands on during our installations and it’s often causes numerous bottleneck issues that on the surface appear to be related to our software, but have much deeper issues linked to underlying infrastructure.

With this in mind I spent the first half of 2019 in search of an IT firm that not only understood the industry, but understood my clients very specific needs. I was very happy to eventually find Alec, Jason and Brent at Clinitech.

How this would work :

Support :

All new sites or those on active support plans would have Datto Taskforce installed ( consider it a much more capable version of Teamviewer ) which provides real time support on the photography capture computer.

This would generate screenshots, tickets and a remote support between 9am-5pm AEST.

Sales :

As part of our collaboration Clinitech would provide a free audit of your current IT infrastructure, as well as pricing on service agreements, hardware upgrades and cloud based services. This provides you initially with an indication on the value of your current setup but also a pathway to move forward with a new provider that I’ve personally vetted.

For sales :

03 86400952