Terms & Conditions

The Fine Print

By paying a deposit you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Payment terms are a 50% deposit prior to any works being undertaken and balance within 30 calendar days following the completed hardware installation unless agreed explicitly in writing prior to payment of a deposit.

Clinical Imaging Pty Ltd (hereafter referred to as CI) will supply and install all hardware and software as specified on this invoice.

Ownership of the goods and software licences remains the property of CI until the balance of the total indicated on the initial quotation is paid.

CI will offer support with the procedure of operating the system for the period stipulated on the invoice. 

All hardware components supplied carry a minimum 1 year warranty which will be supported by CI. We will comply with all statutory warranty requirements on both hardware and service.


Any hardware not supplied by CI will be integrated into the system where possible as discussed prior to installation. 

Any troubleshooting or service calls that arise specifically as a result of not using the hardware recommended by CI will be billable at $50.00 ex GST per hour over phone or e-mail and $150.00 ex GST per hour on-site - including but not limited to:

  • Out of date IT hardware, slow (i.e. wi-fi only) network infrastructure

  • Camera/lighting systems not supplied or explicitly recommended by CI.


No flights will be booked or equipment purchased prior to a deposit being paid. CI reserves the right to adjust installation dates if there is less than a 3 week lead time between a deposit being paid and the proposed installation date.

As our system is a very advanced synergy of hardware and software, our PC solution provides a number of benefits including but not limited to additional functionality, greater ease of use, much higher performance and more reliable operation. If you insist on supplying your own hardware please be aware that there will be some limitations.

Clinical Imaging installs a state of the art software and hardware solution. As such older hardware and operating systems are incompatible. You agree that every computer system which will require Lightroom installed adheres to the following minimum specifications:


  • Windows 7 or Newer - 64-bit REQUIRED
  • 64-bit Dual Core Processor or Greater
  • 4GB RAM or Greater
  • 100GB Local Hard Drive Space


  • Mac OSX 10.10 or newer
  • 4GB RAM or Greater
  • 100GB Local Hard Drive Space

Images will be approximately 20MB each, most clinics require at least 1TB/year. Storage requirements are the responsibility of the clinic unless a storage solution is supplied by CI.
Room dimensions need to have a minimum 1.5m x 2.5m unobstructed line of sight. 
If you choose to supply your own camera it must be on the Lightroom supported list:

IT issues beyond capture of images, reliability of cameras and tethering are not covered by our support plans. Whilst we will do our best to help if you are on a support plan, ultimately your IT company is responsible for your internal network, the performance of computers not supplied by CI and any peripheral software such as practice management software.

The CI system requires that we provide all cameras, unfortunately we cannot integrate existing cameras into our system.

The lighting we supply requires a standard single-phase 240V AC outlet. In many cases (eg. when LED down-lights are installed) there are outlets in the ceiling cavity we can use. In some cases an electrician will have to install an additional power socket at a cost to the clinic. If unsure about location requirements for the outlet, please contact us prior.

CI requires unrestricted Teamviewer Access to the machines proposed to run Lightroom, and need to be able to request it be powered on during business hours.
CI require login usernames and passwords for the machines they intend to use for running Lightroom.

Failure to provide those details will limit the ability of CI to provide support in an effective and/or timely fashion.

For users with our own PC solution, please be aware that any modifications to the operation of that machine, including but not limited to user profiles, passwords and applications could severely limit our ability to offer support and we reserve the right to bill for excess time taken to resolve issues regardless of their cause should your modifications cause complications.

CI requires access to the patient database in order to maintain library efficiency. However, in accordance with the 1988 Privacy act ( March 2014 ) CI will not remove imagery from a client's database without express consent from the clinic.

You, the client assumes all responsibility for data integrity and network security within your clinic. Any breaches of privacy or failure in data storage is entirely your responsibility. Please ensure you have an adequate data backup regime and protocols to avoid data breach.


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