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Founded in early 2013, Clinical Imaging was born to provide practices with advanced medical, cosmetic and reconstructive imaging solutions. 

After spending almost a decade shooting locally and abroad, Clinical Imaging Founding Director Woodrow Wilson was commissioned to photograph the 2012 Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) Conference in Darwin. This is where he was introduced to the world of plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Example of a using images in a consultation

Dr Steven Liew portrait


What became immediately noticeable to Woodrow was the inconsistency of patients' pre and post imagery.
The disparity in capturing techniques and absence of modern methodologies in image management, were hampering clinicians and patients alike.

Through several consultations followed by case studies, Woodrow saw a clear need to set new standards within the medical industry. It led to the development of our purpose built clinical imaging system.

Clinical Imaging programs create advanced photography workflows to drive productivity gains, image accuracy and compliance for clinicians.

Through deep expertise in photography, Clinical Imaging aims to constantly improve the quality of medical photography. Our mission is to ensure that practices utilise the best customised technology and procedures for accurate, consistent and accessible image management.

The Layt Clinic, anaesthetic nurse specialist portrait

The Layt Clinic exterior

Accurate photography produces better outcomes for practices and their patients. Over the years, our innovative approach has been acknowledged and applied within the industry. Our systems are now deployed in a variety of plastic, cosmetic and dermatologic practices nationally.

Clinical Imaging has been commissioned by the medical business community to present keynotes and workshops for clients such as the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Allergan Academy and Cutera University.

In 2015, our services portfolio has expanded into commercial video and photographic production, which has grown rapidly alongside our imaging system.

We are incredibly proud to be part of this industry and to continue to marry our photography and production knowledge into the medical world.

At Clinical Imaging we fundamentally believe in the potential of technology in the digital photographic era.
Our services are designed to enhance your business, improve patient communication and marketing strategies.