Before and Afters for social media - how our clients use our system.

Happy 2019!

We've compiled a small cross section of how some of our clients are using our systems. We believe in leading by example, so have a look and see what industry leaders are able to do when they follow our methodologies.

Screenshot 2019-02-04 09.12.42.png

Key features :

  1. Before and After Templates with branding, watermarks and key info

  2. Standardised capturing methods, lighting and angles.

  3. Keyword tagging for easy retrieval of images ie: post, breast augmentation

  4. Data management of photographs across hundreds of thousands of images.

Plastic Surgeons :

Dermatologist :

Cosmetic Clinics :

How to use our built in Before and After Templates

Why take photography seriously?

Why take photography seriously for your clinic?



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Phone vs Camera

Let’s start the debate, what are your thoughts on phone vs camera for medical imaging?  



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The Lightroom Toolbar is an ongoing effort to simplify the vast number of often confusing features provided by Lightroom. It further tailors Adobe's software to a Clinical Environment.

It is fully compatible with Lightroom CC Classic 7.0.1 and newer on both Windows 7/8/10 64-bit and Mac OS X v10.11 (El Capitan) or newer.


At time of writing it includes the following functions:

New Patient - Prompts you for the details of your patient according to the naming convention you have chosen. It ensures that all staff know the right way to name your patient folders as well as using the correct keywords to describe the procedure. 

These details will always be attached the patient's photographs in your catalog.

Of course these details can also be stripped to maintain patient privacy upon export. With a simple preset we install clinicians can choose to export images to 3rd parties with names removed. 

e.g. : 


Not only does this aid with agencies understanding the image for social media posts, it ensures Google SEO's are well serviced. 




Current Patient - This avoids creating multiple patient folders for the same client. Avoid typos, and capitalisation errors.




Melanin - For our clients who have our Melanin and pigmentation filter this creates a 'virtual copy' consuming no further disk space but providing a discrete representation of the pigmentation in your client's skin. Great for laser clinics!


Vascular - as above, this shows vascularity, redness, capillaries and spider veins.



Natural - This returns any image to the default state - very useful when you've changed an image accidentally and want to return to the original.

Censor Eyes - Allows you to censor eyes and other features with a black overlay which you 'paint' onto the image.

Censor Nipples - This is like the Censor Eyes feature but is a skin tone.

Before & After - Simplifies the process of selecting a layout showing before and after images as well as details of the treatment and the clinic logo. The image is created and visible within Lightroom for export to social media or e-mail to clients.

Screenshot 2017-09-20 13.13.32.png


Publish All - The export of jpegs to your practice management software is a process we call "publishing" most clinics want every image in their pm software and this button automatically finds all images that have not been published manually and automatically publishes them as jpegs for your practice management software.

Collection 2 Folder - One of the fantastic features of Lightroom is the ability to synchronise images to your mobile and/or tablets. Clicking "Collection 2 Folder" will take the images captured with your mobile device in the Lightroom App and catalog them neatly as though they were captured directly into the system.

Clinic Logo - avoid any breach of privacy by clicking this button. Patient folders and images are hidden and Lightroom will display the clinic Logo

Rename - Occasionally we put a patient's images into the wrong folder or we have photos captured to an SD card that are called DSC12345.ARW that need to be put into a patient folder. Selecting them in Lightroom and clicking Rename will prompt for patient details and automatically rename and catalog the images for you.

Notes/Keywords - similar to the rename function, however it only prompts for new keywords and the opportunity to create a caption. This is useful as it allows you to attach a story to an image which can be attached as a caption directly onto most social media platforms (Facebook, instagram etc.)

Search - this will allow you to easily search the entire database for *anything* from patient name, to treatment type, keywords or any other details. The strength of Lightroom is that it is an exceedingly fast database management program. The only of its kind for photos.



Interplast are delighted to announce that the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) has chosen Interplast Australia & New Zealand as its preferred charity partner.

We are particularly grateful to Woodrow Wilson from Clinical Imaging for his role in facilitating this partnership.

Keynote at this years Plastics Practise Managers conference. 

38th Annual ASAPS Conference 2014: Photography Masterclass

On the day prior to the 38th Annual ASAPS Conference in Hobart, Woodrow Wilson of Clinical Imaging hosted a Clinical Photography Masterclass.

The workshop covered the techniques, technology and procedures of effective practice photography. This entailed the ideal setup scenario, workflow, and library management.

For the last year, Woodrow Wilson has been working closely with several highly respected clinics around Australia to establish best practice clinical photography. Woodrow worked works with Doctors to establish the best setup for their own practice.

Following the Clinical Photography Workshop, Woodrow hosted a recreational photography class that took delegates in and around Hobart's pristine harbourside.